7 Best Erotic Novels


Having an erotic novel with you is very helpful to pass time in those lonely nights. Watching porn is not helpful every time. Reading a novel can be more intense and erotic as the suspense and naughtiness form a great combination together. But, there are thousands of erotic novels out there and not all of them are good. If you want to get an erotic novel, here is a list of the 7 best erotic novels out there. Each one of these is erotic and can turn you on like anything. Let’s have a look at the list.

1. Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

This is a novel related to vampires, lusty vampires to be exact. The story is about a female vampire who needs her physical urges to be satisfied. Her body is thirsty for lovemaking. She is waiting for an alpha male who can drive her to the next level and drive her crazy.


This novel has two stories. This means that the fun also gets doubled with it. The pleasure and naughtiness also get doubled with it. The first story is, ‘Lie With Me.’ It is a story about a woman who picks up random guys in the bar and sleeps with her. She loves hookups and likes to have one night stands. The second story is ‘The Way of the Whore.’ This story is about a girl who works in the adult industry. This story puts sexuality in the frontline.

3. The Infidelity BY ALEATHA ROMIG

This is a five-book series. The central theme of the novel is a couple. It is full of suspense and sex. Yes, it is one of the best novels if you are looking to have a naughty and erotic time.

4. After Hours BY CARA MCKENNA

This story is about a man who gets what he wants. He is pushy and has physical needs. The whole story is full of sex. It is one of the most erotic novels of all time.


This novel is one of the most erotic ones out there. It is basically a series of five novels and revolves around sex mainly. There are five sons and they love to have sex and enjoy some erotic time. If you are looking for an erotic experience, this is the novel for you.


It is also a series of books and is best for the readers who are looking for an unforgettable reading experience. There are different characters in each book. So, if you usually get bored with one easily, this one is for you. Enjoy new sexy characters in every book and experience the naughtiest ride of your life.


The novel is about a girl who has got everything in life but a boyfriend. She has nobody who can help her with the physical urges of a female. Well, she finds a neighbor who can finally give her what she has been looking for long. This is a great novel and you will love it.

These are the top 7 best erotic novels that are worth reading. If you are looking for naughty and erotic reading time, these novels can help you.

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