Are There Benefits Of Sex During Pregnancy


Wondering whether you can have sex during pregnancy or not? Good news, you can still have sex even if you are pregnant. Here is a complete sex guide for pregnancy.

Sex during pregnancy is not only safe but encouraged as well. It can be beneficial in some ways, and you can keep doing it if your pregnancy is uncomplicated. Sex can be more fun as the pressure is off. But, keeping the fun part aside, it is good for the mother and the baby as well. It can ease the pain and help you sleep well. Sex during pregnancy can also lighten your mood.

What are the best sex positions while pregnancy?

Well, people love to try different positions while having sex. Some people like to get weird by trying some naughty positions. But, it is different during pregnancy. You have to be more careful about the position that you are having sex in. During the initial period of the pregnancy; however, you can try any position as long as you feel comfortable with it. But, with time, the baby will grow, and your belly will get bigger. Positions like missionary should be avoided at that time as it would put pressure on your belly. Also, doctors advise pregnant mothers not to lie on their back for longer. Well, it doesn’t mean you can not have fun in bed anymore.

During the later months of pregnancy, it is advised to try the positions in which the women are on top. This way, there would not be much pressure on the belly, and she can decide the level of penetration according to her comfort. You can also try side on side positions and doggy style as well. In doggy style, the belly would get the support of the bed, and it would not cause any complications. You can try such positions and look for the one that works best for you.

Effects on sex drive during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the sex drive of a woman might increase or decrease depending upon the mood swings and the level of fatigue. It is pretty normal, and there is nothing to worry about if you don’t feel like having sex after a few minutes of starting. You can also get sexual arousal at midnight out of nowhere. This happens to most of the women during pregnancy and is quite normal.

Can sex hurt during pregnancy?

As safe as it is to have sex during pregnancy, it can hurt the woman’s body and the baby as well. You need to be careful during the later period and should not try anything out of the box. As long as you keep safety your first priority, there is nothing to worry about. Also, communicating with your partner about all the details can help to keep the experience in bed safe.

Cramps after sex

Don’t freak out if you have cramps after sex. It is normal during pregnancy. Give it some time, and it will get better. Well, to deal with the situation, you should drink some water and put your feet up. This might help things get normal.

These were some things that you should be aware of while having sex during pregnancy. There is no harm in doing it, but keep safety as your first priority and contact a doctor straight away if you feel any complications. Also, avoid having sex if your doctor suggests so.

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