What To Do If Your Escort Girl Not Like Pictures


A few days earlier, one of my friends hired a Mohali Escorts for one night and paid the full payment before meeting the girl. When the girl came he was shocked to see the girl as she was not the same that he selected from the gallery. He forced to make relation with the girl and later on nothing can be done by him.

This is not the story of one person. Many males have faced these typo conditions while hiring an escort.

The escort business has been growing and developing day by day. You can see thousands of escort services on the internet and millions of female and male escorts have been offering their services through different escort agencies.

Every coin has two aspects like any other thing so the escort business is also included in this. That is a big truth that the escort industry has touching the peak of height but that is also an undeniable truth that 7 out of 10 agencies are a scam and hoax.

You will be surprised to know that people get betrayed very easily and they never ask questions and never raise any doubt on a scam agency.

They will send totally different girls that never look like the girl you have selected yourself. So what to do in the condition if your escort girl is not like pictures. Let’s have some discussion about what to do in the same condition:-

  •      Ask the escort to return back:

If you get the girl that is different and not like the picture you can simply return here back. Nobody can force you to get intimate with her until you want so. Never compromise with the wrong girl and tell her that you are not the one you have selected.

     Talk to the manager of the escort agency:

You must talk to the main head of the Mohali Call Girls that they have sent the wrong one. Sometimes it can be a mistake or sometimes the fake escort agency just uses sexy pictures to attract a client and later on they serve the poor service. So in both conditions, you must talk to the manager of the agency and you can warn him that never repeat this mistake again.

  1.      Alert yourself before hiring a girl:

The fake escort agencies have only one agenda to make money in any condition. They never care about your desires or dreams. Only your alertness can save you from these hidden scams.

We will suggest you perform every query before hiring a girl. Never make the full payment before meeting with the same girl that you have booked for yourself. Also, always use protection while making an intimate relationship with any escort or any call girl.

Only your safety tricks can save your money, time, and trust. There are genuine services available but all you need to find out one.

We hope that this information will surely help you and if you have any question feel free to ask.

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